Een prikkelig probleem

Kun je even helpen, want ik weet het echt niet! 

Welke cactus vindt je mooier…..

Cactus nr.1 met de gekleurde fineliner OF cactus nr.2 met de zwarte fineliner. 

Het gaat dus om de stijl en niet om de specifieke cactus.

Cactus nr.1

Cactus nr.2IMG_20160225_123430


Alvast bedankt voor het meekijken en denken.

@-}— Elisabeth


100 Days of Flowers

Op Instagram gaat er al een tijdje een hastag rond genaamd #100daysofflowers. Je ziet daar de meest mooie creaties van diverse illustrators voorbij komen. Ik noem me geen illustrator…..ik doe het voornamelijk als hobby. Met het gezegde ‘oefening baart kunst’ in gedachten en mijn onzekerheden aan de kant, heb ik besloten om deze uitdaging aan te gaan en iedere dag een bloemige creatie te plaatsen op Instagram. Wil je al mijn creaties zien? Dan kun je me op Instagram volgen.

Dit is mijn eerste creatie…….wat vinden jullie ervan?



@-}— Elisabeth

DIY // Flowery Plates

IMG_20160213_115720Yesterday I had great fun decorating plates with porcelain markers and afte I was done I thought it would be nice to share the results and how I do this with you. 

The porcelain markers I use are edding markers and I bought them at They have a nice brush to work with and the colours are very vibrant. Their is one but! When you’re going to use the decorated plates to eat from……don’t the paint will come off. I use my plates only for decoration. You don’t want to eat paint 😉 


I start of with washing the plate (I always use plates from the Ikea) and make sure it’s clean and grease-free. After that I start with drawing the bigger flowers first and spread them around the edge of the plate. Slowly I’m adding more flowers in different colours. When i’m done with that I add the leaves and some little details like the little red dots. 


When you’re satisfied with the result let the plate dry for a bit and in the meanwhile preheat your oven to 160 degrees. The plate goes in the oven for 25 minutes. When the plate is done I always take it out directly, but be carefull it will be very hot! Now the decorations on your plate have a nice shine.



Have fun and please show me your results 

@-}— Elisabeth


Illustration course #1

Every week I wanna show you drawings I’m making for my illustration course, to (hopefully) let you see me improving on the art I’m making.

A couple of weeks a go I started with an online illustration course. I’m doing this to get more knowledge of materials and to improve myself. The course gives a lot of tips and tricks. We started of with pencil drawings in black and white……but i’m a bit stubborn and I need colour in my drawings ;D.  Same with the 1 below. I think I did a good job on it, but I want to draw a bit more detailed, that’s what I need to practice. What do you think?

Love, Elisabeth


My Little Teapot




This teapot has a history of a few weeks!

I drawn it a couple of weeks a go, but coulden’t decide on how to fill it up. Maybe it had to do with a low self esteem. I was very afraid to completly destroy the illusration. Today I finally had the courage and self esteem to fix it and I must say…….I’ve DONE IT!!!! I love the outcome . I’m very happy with it and I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Love Elisabeth

IMG_20151128_112114 IMG_20151128_130828

Not Everything is so Black & White

I made this illustration with the tradegy in Paris in my head. 

I hope you like it.