Vintage Cup

A few weeks back I bought a beautiful vintage cup and saucer at the webshop Ontbijtpret from the always friendly Christy. Unfortantely 1 of my kids dropped the cup and it fell in a lot of pieces. I coulden’t drop the broken cup in the trash so i kept it for a while….sitting all broken and still pretty in a glass vase. Till I bought an autumn crocus (herfsttijloos in Dutch and Tidlösa in Swedish) and put the bulb in between the pieces of the cup. I must say that it looks very nice and I’m so happy that I kept my broken cup.

So….never throw away a broken piece of vintage porcelain, but keep it and add a flowerbulb to it and you can still enjoy your favourite cup or other item.

Love Elisabeth

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Perfect Match {Long John + Eucharis}


lenneke wispelwey - long john1



Long John vase + Eucharis Grandiflora 

Together they make a simple, timeless and stylish arrangement.

Long John vase is  from the new collection of Dutch designer Lenneke Wispelway. Eucharis means ‘Very beautiful’ in Greek. She grows 70 cm high out of a bulb and give 5 till 8 flowers. The flowers are around 10 cm wide! 

Long John vaas is van de nieuwe collectie van Nederlandse ontwerpster Lenneke Wispelway. Eucharis betekent ‘Erg mooi’ in het grieks, ze groeit 70 cm omhoog vanuit een bloembol en geeft tussen de 5 à 8 bloemen. De bloemen van de grandiflora worden ongeveer 10 cm wijd. 

@-}— Elisabeth