DIY // Mini Flower arrangement for a hot summer

As you know I love flowers, but one thing I don’t like is that flowers doesn’t last that long when it’s very hot outside. What I do then is make little flower arrangements with floral foam and strong, long lasting flowers. The flowers I used in this arrangement are chrysanthemums. You can use all kind of chrysanthemums, I used the Santini. This is a fresh looking, compact flower. 

Soak the foam in a bucket with water, but don’t push it underwater. Then fill your flower pots with wet floral foam. Make sure it sticks out a little bit above the edge.

Then you start to fill the outer ring with flowers. Please use a sharp knife to cut your flowers…..the flowers will love you for that 😀 

When the outer ring is filled you start to fill the middle up. I always like it when it’s a little bit of a mini hill…..not a flat polder field as we have here in Holland ;D. Make the stems a little longer then you did with the outer ring. 

Your Done!!! 

I added a little decoration to give it a summer vibe. 

Give your arrangement a little bit of water twice a week. 

Enjoy your little creation!

Love, Elisabeth

Bloemlezing de Chrysant



Iedere maand verschijnt er op een bloemlezing. Deze maand is de bloemlezing gemaakt door Dichter Kim Triesscheijn en Studio Boot. Deze print zou ik zo thuis aan de muur hangen…vind het zo mooi!


Elke @-}—